Woolf, Virginia Shakespeare's Sister : Analysis

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Woolf, Virginia “Shakespeare’s Sister. “ A World of Ideas, edited by Lee A. Jacobus, Bedford/St. Martin’s, 2013, pp. 689-705. As mentioned in the passage, the author uses a fictional character to describe a typical woman living in the Renaissance age. The fictional character is the sister of a popular English poet and playwright, William Shakespeare. The author described the character as a woman that has no right in society. Women are often neglected in the community throughout time. It continues to be a problem in today’s society in different parts of the world. Women are not allowed to communicate the same way as men in different cultures. For example, women are restricted from a proper education. Women are not able to play the same role as men in society due to education. There is a lack of interaction among women as they are being diminish from society. My research will include different types of discrimination and the way it affects the interactions in the community.

“6 Ways Social Media Changed the Way We Communicate.” Higher Ed Marketing Journal, 1
Sept. 2017, circaedu.com/hemj/how-social-media-changed-the-way-we-communicate/.
This article suggests the different types of trending social media. It mentions the importance of communication on social media and how it changed society. Social media has been a convenient way of communication. People can send messages within seconds and share different moments of their life online. Communication in modern society is based
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