Woolman's Monologue

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I woke up in the morning, and I brushed my hair, brushed my teeth, ate breakfast, and changed my clothes. I had to walk out of the house, and stand by the rode. The school was coming down the rode, and I seen all my friends waving to me while they were coming to pick me up. We were on are way to.I asked my friends if I could come over to there house. Yes you could i just texted my mom and asked her. Who is in front of the building oh that’s Mrs. Woolman our principle. Oh I wonder what she is doing outside. Mabey she is just waiting for us. Oh here comes Mr. Westerhof. I wonder if there is something going on because they never usually stand outside. There always in side at the school doors or in the office. Waaaaaaaaaaa coming from the hallway, the teachers all came out of there rooms were they were teaching. What happened said Mrs. Perry? I was running and i tripped over my shoes lace. Then there were kids down the hall screaming at each other. What the heck said Ms. Miller. Oh my gosh what are you to doing said Ms. Miller? He won’t let me have my girlfriend he is trying to get us to hate each other. What grade are you in said Ms. Miller? 6th grade replied Josh. Ring, ring, ring said the . Emma was like were you guys going to get in a fight? I don’t know.…show more content…
Ellis can we please have Josh, Jadan, Emma, and Shady come to the office? Yes they will be right there. Ok thank you so much, you're welcome. Ok you guys need to go to the office please and thank you said Mrs. Ellis. We went and it was not pleasant. We all have to apology letters to each other. Who is singing his ‘’But why said Emma?’ While she was Because you have to said Mr. Westerhof, and Mrs. Woolman. You can also write in your and give me a paragraph of what you did wrong. What did I do so wrong said
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