Woolworths Is An Australian Corporate Organization Essay

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Woolworths is an Australian corporate organization, which was established in 1924 in Sydney. The firm’s main goal is to provide the best possible quality, value, range, and convenience to its customers, while upholding the interests of all the stakeholders. The organization has in excess of 3,000 outlets both in New Zealand and Australia. It focuses on the sale of petroleum products, food, general merchandise, liquor, as well home and hotel development services. The firm employs over 198,000 people in both countries. In addition, it is a dedicated commercial partner to many manufacturers, producers, and local farmers. The firm is committed to the implementation of the triple bottom line strategy with the focus on environmental, social, and corporate interests (Macey, 2011). Woolworths has been on the front line in upholding shareholder engagement in the organization’s decision making processes, as well as adopting strategies that enhance employees’ satisfaction and motivation (Blecker, Huang, and Bajic, 2008). The organization has embarked on various sustainability strategies that focus on long term productivity and profitability. These strategies focus on conservation of water and energy, investment in the community, recycling initiatives, donations, and partnerships with charitable organizations, as well as environmental conservation programs. As a result, the firm has had voluntary compliance to ASX corporate governance regulations that were recommended in 2003.

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