Woolworths Limited Case Study

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Background Woolworths Limited was foundedin 1924, and is Australia's second largest employer. Colloquially referred to as 'Woolies', the company has grown to be Australia's leading supermarket retailer. Woolworths has also gained a strong foothold in the retail markets in New Zealand. Woolworths officially listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) on 12 July 1993, and trades with the issuer code 'WOW'. Woolworths Limited (Woolworths) is Australia's most recognised and trusted retail brand. Woolworths is passionate about retailing, and aims to serve its customers with great choice, lowest prices and excellent quality. Woolworths' major Australian competitor in this area of retailing is the Coles Group (Coles). Woolworths'retail portfolio stretches across food and grocery, liquor, petrol, consumer electronics and general merchandise. Woolworths has also taken the lead to invest in Australian and New Zealand communities. The three main areas of community investment are (Woolworths,2007): "Economically through job creation, growth in shareholder wealth, infrastructure development, new product innovations and as a significant customer of domestic agricultural and manufacturing production. Socially through the training and educational development of thousands of employees, the advancement of food industry quality standards, workplace safety standards and retail technology improvements, and by enabling local charities to receive direct donations, in-kind support and
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