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Woolworths Limited was found in Sydney in 1924 (Woolworths Limited a, 2012). During serval years development, Woolworths set foot in a number of sectors which are supermarket, liquor, petrol, hotel, cloth, financial service and general retail (Woolworths Limited b, 2012). In 2009, Woolworths Limited unveiled that it was going to enter the Australian hardware and home improvement industry which was worth $24 billion (Durie, 2009). Woolworth acquired a hardware chain named Danks Holdings Limited and completed a joint venture with Lowe’s which was the second biggest home improvement chain in American and owned one-third shares of the joint venture. The joint venture named Masters Home Improvement opened the first store in Braybrook in Victoria in 2011 (Woolworths Limited c, 2012), and 63 stores across the country during the 5 years development. But in 18 January 2016, Woolworths Limited announced that it intended to exit the hardware and home improvement sector by selling or winding up Masters Home Improvement and Home Timber & Hardware chain after more then $600 million losses (Vitorovich, 2016). After 5 years operation, Masters Home Improvement is going to be closed. But, Woolworths Limited must did fully advanced research to open a large company in a new sector. In that way, there must be some serious strategic issues generated in Masters that Woolworths Limited is going to offload. As a new entry into the hardware and home improvement sector, to keep Masters’s health

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