Essay on Woolworths Ltd Strategic Analysis

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Part A: Woolworths Ltd Strategic Analysis---------------------------------------------------------------2

SWOT analysis for Woolworths Ltd------------------------------------------------------------------------3

Key Capability Analysis---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------4

Major stakeholder analysis for Woolworths Ltd---------------------------------------------------------5

Assessment of Business Level Strategy---------------------------------------------------------------------6

PART B: Woolworths Ltd Strategic
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* Natural disaster. The natural disaster such as flood, earthquake and hurricane lead to financial, environmental and human losses. For instance, Queensland Flooding is Australia’s Worst Natural Disaster in 2011, which lead to Australia supermarket loss $17.1 million (Woolworths 2011). * High Costs of Doing Business in Australia. The high cost of doing business in Australia has placed enormous pressure on retailers including increasing labour costs and import duty costs as well as collecting carbon tax. |

Table 2: Key capability analysis for Woolworths Ltd Key capability | Resources this capability utilises | Core competency assessment | The ability to serve a wide range of customers at a relatively low cost with high quality guarantees and improved efficiency | * Organizational: a variety of reporting policies and procedures to improve the efficiency along the supply chain and control quality * Physical: the function of online shopping and mobile site; stores locating in areas easily be approached by customers * Human: most of the directors have worked as leaders in retailer industry for decades either in domestic market or overseas &a variety of workshops and programs make employees skilled and experienced * Reputation:high bargaining power over suppliers for quality products and low input costs | * Valuable: the quality guarantee and well trained employees improve customer
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