Woolworths Media Plan Essay example

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ASSESSMENT TASK: 04 CASE STUDY Part A: 1. Analyse the media plan and determine factors affecting implementation of the campaign. 1.1 The goal or objective: - To increase customer value through having an outlet for grievances and new idea. This objective is successful by the number of responses direct mail. - To increase awareness of the brand. This objective is also successful by TV ads, Newspaper ads surveys and magazine by the number of the responses coupon. - To acquire feedback from customer. This objective is successful by the number of reply direct mail. The company had the useful feedback and complain. 1.2 Target market for advertising campaign: The target audience is 35-55 years and 55-70 years covered the main…show more content…
The information about how and where on each customer used the card. This could show the lifestyle of customer. And the information could help to improved service and planning for another phase of campaign. 8. Execution of the advertising campaign so that it complies with the advertising schedule and budget and meets legal and ethical requirements is important. Does the brochure comply with legal and ethical requirements. e.g. legislation, policies and guidelines, cultural expectations and influence, ethical principals. The brochure is absolutely complied with the legal and ethical requirement by - AFA (Advertising Federation of Australia) - ACMA (Australian Communications and Media Authority) - ACCC (Australian Competition and Consumer Commission) Part B: 1. Use the above results of evaluation to measure the effectiveness in the campaign. Do any of these results show promise in the analysis and planning phase for subsequent advertising campaigns. TV: This result is very successful. This should be continuing in the subsequent advertising Internet: This result is normal. The internet advertising should improved by advertise in the social media as well. Newspaper: This result is average. This ad should be reduced or have a prize drew Direct mail: This result is average. And it is very high cost. This advertising should be reduced or have a prize draw. Magazine: This result is average. This advertising should be reduced or have a
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