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Semester Project Report
PRT503 Entrepreneurship for Professionals

Executive Summary
This report is about the research on Australian major retailing company, Woolworths Limited. Woolworths Limited is not only available in Australia; Woolworths also has business chain in United State, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Hong Kong and India (Woolworths_Limited 2009). The successful of Woolworths Limited had been the main focus of this research. There are five parts in this proposal. This first section of this proposal will discuss about the purpose of research and the scope or areas of the research. In the next section, organisation background will be discussed. The understanding of the organisation’s goals and objectives will be the
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In short, the guidance of this project will provide further understanding of a successful organisation.
1.2 Area of Research
The areas of this research will be based on the internal and external business environment of the organisation. Having a big picture of the organisation will helps the senior executive to understand of where the business is headed and what actions might be aligned with the business goals (Armour, Kaisler et al. 1999). The big picture will also helps the senior executive in understanding which action or decision can be considered in order to support the business. The clear mind of how the business connects to and serves the overall purpose of the business is crucial in order to motivate every individual to work synergistically within the organisation for the success of the business (Stimpert and Duhaime 1997).

There are a total of six areas that will be the main research areas in this project. There are corporate responsibilities and sustainability; public interest; marketplace; stakeholder engagement; corporate governance; and environment. This six topics will then lead to the discussion of the organisation goals and objectives; organisation strategies; financial status; marketing plan; leadership of the organisation; networking; management of the organisation and so forth.

In addition, the analysis of the organisation strength, weaknesses, opportunity and

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