Woolworths Report

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Woolworths’ Transformation in Supply and Logistics Chains Hlaing Win Thawdar Li yi Mo yun Muhammad Fauzi Yuzar The Report has detail explanations about the current position Woolworths is standing in Australia’s retail industry as well as against its competitors, the operation process before and after the change, the contributions Woolworths has made not only to the economy but also for the community, how Woolworths is shaping it CSR and the organized future plans that Woolworths has thought ahead. | Table of Contents The History of Woolworths3 1. About Australia’s Retail Industry3 2. The Description of Woolworths3 3. Woolworths and its Competitors4 Supply Chain5 1. The Woolworth’s roles in the Retail grocery…show more content…
There are over 700 branches of supermarkets throughout Australia. Woolworth’s started out as a single variety store similar to Wal-mart and opened its first supermarket in 1955. It then opened the Big W discount department store chains for general merchandise and then Dick Smith Electronics in the consumer electronics division. Its operations are mainly in the supermarket category launching under nearly ten different names. The most recent one would be Macro Wholefoods Market which sells organic food and produce. Woolworth’s stalls also include Thomas Dux Grocer, the upmarket deli chain, which has branched out from Woolworth’s concept of inexpensive and whole sale method. Expanding from the brick-and-mortar method, it has e-tailing channel as well. Woolworth’s is also famous for Everyday Services which have loyalty program offering reward cards, Credit Card system and pre-paid mobile service. In June 2010, new product known as Everyday Money Prepaid MasterCard was introduced. For facts about sustainability, Woolworth’s is considered as a major investor in the communities of Australia and New Zealand. It makes contributions back to the economy by creating jobs, injecting more innovative products into economic flow and encouraging productivity. From a social point of view, the training and educational development programs are provided by Woolworth’s to thousands of its employees, bringing up the food quality standards for the community, and direct
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