Woolworths Strategic Analysis

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Introduction Woolworths Limited is a retail company made up of a range of businesses that provide customers with quality, range and value. This report focuses on two parts, Woolworths Ltd Strategic analysis and strategic review in order to provide advise to the Board and Senior Management of Woolworths to obtain a higher achievement in 2012. In the first part, the report demonstrates analyzing the business environment by SWOT analysis, key capabilities, major stakeholder interests and identification of generic business level strategy of supermarket unit. Then the second part provides analysis on two strategies from internal and external environment and the Corporate Balanced Scorecard analysis contributing better implement their…show more content…
This trend also has adverse efforts on consumption. 2.Key capabilities analysis (A) 2.1Provide products to costumers at competitive prices through multi-channels For this capability, strong financial support and effective saving processes as fundamental resources enable Woolworths Ltd to provide products at relatively lower prices. The effective saving processes include the global sourcing process and direct store deliveries also play an important role to achieve competitive prices by reducing inventory costs and operating costs. Besides, the long term and good relationships with suppliers makes Woolworths get this capability to get lower cost products. Then combining the online network and existing delivery system makes customers purchase more conveniently. Last, Woolworths Ltd is also engaging in product expansion in different industries. 2.2 Have a social responsible and customer friendly brand image Capability | Valuable | Rare | Non-substitutable | Costly to imitate | Competitiveness | 1 Provide products to costumers at competitive prices through multi-channels | √ | √ | × | √ | Sustainability competitive advantage | 2 Have a social responsible and customer friendly brand image | √ | √ | × | √ | Sustainability competitive advantage | A good brand image is build by positive name and concepts customers thought about

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