Woolworth's Strategy Analysis

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The report aims to identified the Woolworth’s currency strategy and provide actionable suggestions for improving the strategy based on the fundamental objectives.

External environment affects Woolworths’ business will be analyzed to clear out the company’s position in Australian retail industry. Porter’s five force analyses are used. The report will also evaluate some internal environment factors, such as Woolworths’ resources and capabilities that impact on strategic decision process. The company’s SWOT analysis is the next part of the report. By using such concepts, the reasonable recommendations will be made in order to improve Woolworth’s strategy and take full advantages of their core competences in their industry.
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- Change staffing policy to take advantage of using local and international best talent.

Woolworths also has its set of values, which are: - marketing products responsibly - ensuring workers’ rights are respected - raising the bar on animal welfare - sourcing all fish and seafood from sustainable sources - avoiding GM foods and sourcing practices that contribute to deforestation - responsible service of gaming and alcohol - being trusted by customers, suppliers and community - take responsibility of operating hotels in Australia - being committed to bringing downward pressure on prices in operations - recognizing the importance of people in delivering the best service - being safe for both staff and customers

3. External Analysis

It is important for Woolworths to understand and analyze the influence of external environment on its profitability and achievement of business strategies. Authors, for example, Hanson et al (2005) and Robbins, Bergan, Stagg & Coulter (2003), concurred that not only external factors impact significantly on an organization’s business performance, but accomplishing corporate strategic is also affected. Together with analyzing Woolworths’ external environment, in this case, the knowledge of internal aspects will enable Woolworths to
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