Woolworths Supply Chain

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Discussion and Evaluation of Woolworths Foods purchasing process Authors: Ian dlamini, Sne Byron Van Herder, Naseer Khan, Mohamed Kadar & Muhammad Moola, Executive summary Woolworths is one of the biggest retail stores in South Africa. Founded in the early nineteen thirties by Max Sonnenberg, Woolworths has grown to a retail giant with over four hundred stores throughout Africa and Middle East. Along with Woolworths being of such large proportions it now is listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. Within our study of Woolworths we will be examining the purchasing process of this retail giant and in order to achieve this we will employ tools and techniques to simplify our study. This study will compromise of a detailed…show more content…
In our few brief meetings we were able to gather the appropriate areas of work needed for this assignment so many thanks to you on a wonderful role. We also say thanks to our dear lecturer Ms Florence Dyilli who presented us with this topic and as well has thought us from our first years on university. For all the techniques and tools you have introduced us to and the text we have studied in which all of our bases for this assignment is taken from. You have been a true star in your capacity and may your memory live on in the mind of all students. We also say thanks to UKZN library for the use of their resources, as if it hadn’t been for them we would have found ourselves very short-handed for this assignment. The information and work space provided were of critical importance for which we say thanks whole heartedly. Last but not least we say thanks to the group members who worked early shifts and late nights in working on the assignment. Guys the work put in are a reflection of the commitment for the course and hard work brings success. Many thanks and you’ll have been brilliant. Finally to the readers and assesses of the assignment happy reading and enjoy. Table of contents page Executive summary ii
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