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For the exclusive use of M. Hossain rP os t TB0249 Andrew Inkpen Jextra Neighbourhood Stores in Malaysia op yo In October 2010, Tom Chong was on his way to his office and thinking about several issues he would have to deal with in the coming weeks. Chong was Jextra Stores (Jextra) country manager for the Neighbourhood Markets Division in Malaysia. One issue involved a conversation with the mayor of Klang, a town near Malaysia’s capital city of Kuala Lumpur. Chong had been seeking to expand to Klang for some time. The mayor surprised Chong with an offer to help with land zoning if Jextra would help finance a new primary school (or at least Chong thought that was what he had been asked for). The second issue…show more content…
Jextra operated retail stores in Hong Kong, China, Philippines, Viet Nam, Malaysia, Thailand, and Singapore. The company operated supermarkets, hypermarkets, and convenience stores. No Jextra entered Malaysia, a stable and prosperous nation of 28 million multi-ethnic people, in 2005 and was very successful. The company operated supermarkets in Malaysia using the name Neighbourhood Markets. There were now ten Neighbourhood Markets, and breakeven had been reached quickly. Jextra was planning to enter the Malaysian convenience store sector in a few years. Although other Asian and European retailers were entering Malaysia, Tom Chong saw plenty of growth opportunities for supermarkets, and his boss in Hong Kong had approved an aggressive five-year investment strategy. Tom Chong Do Tom Chong, a Hong Kong native, had been in his position for eight months, and expected to remain there for another two to three years. Malaysia was Chong’s first assignment as country manager. Prior to moving to Malaysia, Chong held various positions in corporate headquarters in Hong Kong, and then moved to Malaysia as finance director. After two years in finance, he moved into his current role as country manager for Neighbourhood Markets. His new assignment in Malaysia was his first experience with real operational issues and profit and loss responsibilities. Copyright © 2010 Thunderbird School of Global Management.

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