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Everyone has lost something. Some have lost more than others, and there are a handful of people who haven’t lost anything at all. Everyone has a different idea of what the word lost means. If you ask anyone on the street what lost means. I can guarantee you that the answers you’ll get will be as simple as “lost means losing something that needs to be found.” You’ll also get answers from people who dig deep into the question and answer “It means to feel empty, to be lead astray.” The answer varies…the meaning varies.
Now ask me what lost means. Well even if you didn’t ask; I’ll answer. My idea of the word lost means to overcome. Losing a person you love is the most horrible thing you could ever feel. You feel as if your heart is empty, you
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That was around the same time when I started to learn and become more involved with music. During her last days, I wasn’t allowed to see her because my parents and other family members didn’t want our last memories of her to be of her in a hospital bed. I can see where they were coming from I just wished that I could have given her a proper goodbye. I still remember the last words I said to her. I told her “I’ll see you tomorrow.” tomorrow never came for me. I played piano and sang to keep my mind off everything that was going on. She went into a coma a little while after I started to play. I used to talk on the phone every day to her to see if she would show any signs of waking up and coming back to us. She would twitch her eyelids or move a finger every now and then, but her showing little signs of movement wasn’t enough. It was Wednesday, April 3rd, 2013 when my nana passed away. I remember falling down that night on the way to my room, my emotions overtook me. I felt empty, my family was comforting one another including myself, but even though I was surrounded by loved ones who were going through the same thing I couldn’t help but feel alone. April 3rd was the day that I stopped music for a
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