Word Meaning and Sense Relations

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WORD MEANING AND SENSE RELATIONS What constitutes a sentence in any given Language is the combination of words in a systematic manner. Of course, this must be meaningful at least within a “social mass which at any given moment establishes its value (De Saussure in Akwanya 2002:49) Note that this position tends towards syntax which gives/assigns meaning to a group of words in acceptable pattern of combination in a Language. Sense relation as noted by Agbedo (2000:152) show. “The sense of a word reveals itself through the relations of meaning which the word contracts with other words in the language”. Semantic relations of these types are well-defined and systematic. Since the word is the most significant unit of morphological analysis,…show more content…
The item with the inclusive meaning is the superordinate, while that with the more restricted meaning is to hyponymy. E.g. (i) Beverage (liquids made up for drinking.) as the super ordinateof the following hyponymy as tea, fruit juice, milk, cocoa, bear, sprite, ginger ale (ii) vestment: hood, chasuble, cassock (iii) Vegetable: lettuce, cabbage, carrots (iv) crustaceans: crab, shrimps and lobsters. At sentence level the relationship of hyponymy uses the logic of entailment in which the truth of the sentence containing the supperordinate logically makes the hyponym to be truth examples, John like rose. If it is true then John like flower. It is a hen logically means that it is fowl . (4) Opposites: Agbedo has carefully distinguished the various Sub-relations which he characterizes as opposites. According to him, the reason was to achieve “simplicity and terminological exactness” They are complementries, antonymous, converses and reversives. (a) Complementries: This holds between pairs of words as true false, single married, open: shut, deal: alive, female: male: the characteristics of these words are that the denial of one implies the assertion of the other and vice verse. E.g. Uche is dead means that uche is not alive “it is not true, entails and is entailed by it is false”. Note that this relationship is a special case of incompatibility. The only difference is that for
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