Word Of Mouth Buzz Essay

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The Word-Of-Mouth Buzz

'Buzz', if you're a company you will love to here that word. The Buzz is nothing more then the promotion of a product by the word-of-mouth. However, this word-of-mouth promotion has become a very strong force making products that were unknown huge successes. If companies are able to reject the common myths that go along with the buzz then they can use to huge power of the buzz to become nothing other then a marketing legend (Dye, 2000).
The way in which the buzz gets started is by people sharing their experiences with each other. When these experiences are favored by the other person the result of it could be a huge success in whatever the experience was. Blockbuster recently had success with some
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Don't get me wrong, not every product is buzz worthy, but if the product is a good price, easy to use, is reliable, and is easily seen by others then

it is buzz worthy (Dye, 2000).
The second myth says that 'Buzz just happens' (Dye, 2000). Buzz does not just happen it comes from carefully managed marketing programs. Stores such as Tommy
Hilfiger hire young adults to work in their stores so that they will were their clothes outside of work witch will endorse the fashions. Companies will ration the supply of their products, because people usually want what they cannot have or others have. Some companies such as Nike use celebrities like Michael
Jordan and Tiger Woods to endorse certain products for them. Magazines, T.V's., and newspapers that publish lists that tell consumers things such as top box-office rankings, top colleges, and best new or used cars are ways in creating a buzz. These are the main ways that marketing programs help the buzz happen (Dye, 2000).
The third myth says that 'The best buzz-starters are your best customers' (Dye,
2000 ). This is not always true, because sometimes the best buzz-starters come from a counterculture. Tommy Hilfigers clothes were to be for young
African-Americans to give his brand a street hipness. Well the popularity of his clothes spread from the inner city to the suburbs. Just because you make something for a certain type of person doesn't mean that someone else is not going to
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