Word-Processing Software Essay

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Word-Processing Software

Technology allows our communities to move and think faster. Reflective of our society, the Internet and related software have excelled the speed of writing too. True, the written word is at the top of its popularity thus far in history, as the latest technologies still require words. In the twenty-first century, people on average write more than ever before. Reading Web sites, writing emails, and surfing the Web are all technological customs found in everyday life for those with computer access. The last twenty years have revolutionized writing practices and to tell you the truth, I’d label the keyboard as my writing utensil of choice.

However, advancing technologies offer problematic
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Are educators programmed in the same fashion? Do schools exist as mere training for economic production? More important, is it peculiar the premier word-processing software for secondary education students, academic instructors and corporate professionals is indeed the same product? I find it hard to believe that business software fits the needs of high-school students adequately. A call to action for teachers employed at the secondary level is essential to lobby for the creation of more practical word-processing software, which could enhance basic writing comprehension.

Let's face it; advertising is as American as apple pie. At present, we’re programmed incorrectly by marketing campaigns to believe that SUV vehicles can champion almost any weather condition. Jeep's trademark commercial includes the Grand Cherokee driving up a mountain. In the same respect, via perception, students are led to believe that computer software can transform writing into perfectly constructed essays by clicking a few commands. Grammar, spelling and text editing are common features in any word-processing program and I've never seen a disclosure warning users about product limitations.

Historically, word processors were developed with businesses in mind. Somehow, in a rush to support the Clinton campaign to give a child in every school a computer, educators didn't drive a demand
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