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© James Berry 2013 1 Assignment 1 • Get more feedback – Share papers with other students – Talk to TA’s – Me • Key issues – – Too much description not enough analysis – Surface level versus deep use of concepts – Concepts are linked © James Berry 2013 2 Assignment 1 Lower grades – Little or no analysis: Mentioned concepts but failed to describe why they were relevant “There was a problem at my last job due to low motivation perhaps explained by expectancy theory” …go on about how expectancy theory might apply…where was the break-down…get specific – Missing obvious chance to apply concepts: “We had ten people all going in different directions” – Goal alignment – Vague or general terms: “We had a problem with…show more content…
• Goals or Aspirations  Target Point – What are my alternatives? • What is the Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement (BATNA)? – What am I willing to accept? • Reservation Value (Price) © James Berry 2013 19 Your Target: A Beacon in the Storm • “Aim high” – Target points (realistic targets) are positively correlated with final outcomes (Galinsky, Mussweiter, and Medvec, 2002) • A target provides an important standard – Facilitates your evaluation of offers and counteroffers – Motivates you to move beyond “satisfactory” © James Berry 2013 20 BATNA: Your Source of Power “Best Alternative to a Negotiated Agreement” (BATNA; Fisher, Ury, & Patton, 1991) • Try to improve BATNA before you negotiate – A favorable BATNA allows you to be more resolute with your demands… …or to “walk away” • Perceptions of your BATNA are also very important – Your own as well as your counterparts’ perceptions. © James Berry
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