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Setup & Maintenance WordPress WordPress’s setup is very straight forward with its famous five minute install. Though now a days it is even faster with most hosting providers offering a one-click install solution for WordPress. This feature makes it very easy for a new users to get their websites up and running. WordPress was the first of its counterparts to implement rolling releases which helps to reduce the knowhow barrier to entry of web development in providing a more streamlined administration experience. Drupal Drupal’s installation process is similar to both WordPress and Joomla. The user simply downloads the package and uploads it to their server and runs the installation script. Drupal is designed to be a blank slate out of the box and is only system out of the group that is meant to be customized before truly being used. It also offers distributions of pre-packaged bundles of modules and configurations to create specific kinds of websites. While I do give Drupal a better ranking on setup than Joomla, it loses any merits gained when it comes to maintenance. Due to the fact its system was created to be customized it has a lot more is riding on each update, which means its users have a higher chance of running into issues. This is also the reason it hasn’t adopted a rolling release solution such as the other two systems. Alternatively Drupal opts for Major releases know as “upgrades” and Minor releases known as “updates”. While Drupal’s updates aren 't normally too
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