Wordpress Vs Web Design Agency For Business Websites

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Wordpress vs Web Design Agency for business websites You may of heard of WordPress, a free piece of web software that was originally created for making blogs that now allows users to create full websites. It’s been used on well over 60 million websites worldwide, which works out at around 5% of the top 10,000 sites in existence. As it’s quite easy to set up and install, it’s frequently used by people wanting to set up their own personal accounts without the help of a professional web developer and for that, it serves a purpose well. When it comes to a business website however, it’s a different story entirely. A business needs a responsive, reliable and secure website for the simple fact that your website is your first port of call for…show more content…
If a hacker has the ability to find a weakness or vulnerability in just one system then it’s highly likely that it’ll find it exists on a number of others. What’s more, once a robot (computers that have been programmed to trawl for a number of reasons) has determined whether a website’s made by WordPress or not, the vulnerability found on others can be exploited once again on the next website. This sadly isn’t the worst of it as once a website has been hacked it can be incredibly difficult to fix. Every single website on the Internet today is vulnerable to some degree however by having a bespoke, custom designed website, it would mean your website would need to be targeted specifically. There in lies the great difference between WordPress and custom built websites. While a hacker could use software to target your single, custom built website, it could also target a million websites at once on WordPress. What option do you think they’ll choose? Updates – while it is true that WordPress itself will regularly release updates in order to fix a number of security holes, with an average of more than one security hole a month emerging, it can be incredibly time consuming to keep your website secure. The updates need to be created by someone technical which means clients of WordPress will at some point inevitably end up paying a professional web
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