Wordpress Vs Web Design Agency For Business Websites

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Wordpress vs Web Design Agency for business websites

You may of heard of WordPress, a free piece of web software that was originally created for making blogs that now allows users to create full websites. It’s been used on well over 60 million websites worldwide, which works out at around 5% of the top 10,000 sites in existence. As it’s quite easy to set up and install, it’s frequently used by people wanting to set up their own personal accounts without the help of a professional web developer and for that, it serves a purpose well. When it comes to a business website however, it’s a different story entirely.

A business needs a responsive, reliable and secure website for the simple fact that your website is your first port of call for any potential customers. Your website will reflect your company, along with the products or services it supplies, much in the same way your business cards do. Just as you wouldn’t use home printed business cards, you generally wouldn’t use a homemade website. As professional website design experts in Liverpool, we make bespoke websites for every client and therefore understand the benefits of doing so. This article however isn’t aimed at deterring people from using WordPress altogether as it most certainly has its own place on the World Wide Web. Our aim however is to educate clients on the importance of a well designed website for business purposes.

10 reasons to choose a web design agency over WordPress for your business website

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