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For my city I chose Chicago. I chose this because I really like the city, it is close to home and it is the least vulnerable to climate change. Chicago is located in the Midwest. It is one of the largest city in the United States with a population almost at 3 million. Chicago is a huge city and a metropolitan area that stretches over 10,874km². As the center of the Midwest, Chicago is easy to find. This city sits right on Lake Michigan. It has lots of iconic sights and neighborhoods.
Climate change has a lot of risks. Here are a few, rising sea levels, increased precipitation, inland floods, more frequent and stronger cyclones and storms, and periods of more extreme heat and cold. As I said earlier Chicago is the least vulnerable to climate change. The few things that Chicago needs to worry about is increasing population and rising sea levels. Yeah its not on the ocean but its on lake Michigan which is connected to the ocean. Chicago is a big city as it is with almost 3 million people. If it gets any bigger then there will be a problem. I believe that if this city doesn’t change then it will be even more vulnerable. The city will be flooded. The ocean will eventually rise which will make Lake Michigan rise and flood the city. As of now the city has a good system in place but if it stays the same then it will be to
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Right now they have a big city with lots of big buildings, people and cars. There are very little parks and green space and most of it is outside of the city. To help the environment the city needs to do a lot. Chicago needs to change the heat response plan, focus on weak populations. They need to instrument key stages in Chicago’s urban design plan to manage heat and flooding. These steps will help Chicago to collect rain and reproduce intensity of the sun on hot days. Also Chicago needs to start growing more plants. Start growing plants on rooftops. This will increase green space and help clean the
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