Words To Describe Jesus

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There is a stranger in the kitchen… and the kitchen is a mess. Jesus is standing in the middle of it all, his eyes twinkling with warmth. There is flour all over the room, covering the two from head to toe. The white powder looks like scattered snowflakes across the once dull space. The mystery person looks at me and lifts the corners of her mouth into a grin. “Hey,” she says, a mouthful of cookie dough in her mouth. Looking at the raw batter in the girl’s mouth, Jesus makes a concerned face. “They say that digesting cookie dough could cause salmonella—“ His sentence gets interrupted by me shoving a spoon of the dough into his mouth. “Who’s going to get salmonella now?” I ask, smirking. Suddenly, I feel a light substance sprinkle over my head, and white dots the edge of my vision playfully. Jesus…show more content…
To our surprise, we look back to see an overjoyed Jesus, almost unable to contain his excitement. “It’s my turn now!” he exclaims, his eyes lighting up like a child. This time, Jesus takes more of the ingredients and pours them all into the bowl. “When you look in the mirror, you don’t realize how beautiful you are; when you participate in the rope courses at camp, you don’t realize how brave you are; when you tend to someone’s physical wounds, you don’t realize how caring you are…. and those are just some of many.” He looks back at me, his eyes filled with one emotion: pride. For me. I bury my face in my hands, unable to hide the red flush on my face. Ava hugs me, a smile on her face as well. After having poured all of his contents into the bowl, Jesus then motions for us to blend the mixture together again. This time, the goop inside of the bowl is now a beautiful gradient blue. Dark blue is mixed in with the powder blue, forming a marbleized color that fits perfectly well together. It reminds me of the ever-changing waves at the sea, crashing in, crashing
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