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Work Life Balance Work life balance is the balance between work and your personal/ family time (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, & Cardy, 2012). In the past this balance was hard to come by and companies did not help aid in the balance. However, in recent years this has changed. Studies have shown that in medium to large companies, 79% offer flexible schedules of some sort (Leslie, Park, Mehng, & Manchester, 2012). Work life balance is something that both employees and employers seek as it creates more productive employee in most cases. Case In the case brought to us in the text, it gave us two examples of employees seeking work life balance. The first example is a man that has risen in the ranks at his company. Instead of having less working as he had thought, he faced much longer work hours with very little time with his family. In the second example a woman is looking at changing companies and in her negotiations she negotiates items such as a flexible work schedule. Although this option works well for the women it does not work for every employee. Flexible Jobs Not all jobs are well suited for flexibility with work hours and location. However, there are a lot of jobs that can handle flexibility. Any kind of job that does not have a steady interaction with clients in person would be a good candidate. These kind of jobs might include accountants, IT personnel or other jobs that require minimum client interaction and most time is spent working alone. There is an

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