Work Based Assignmement: M4.01: Understanding the Management Role

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Title Page “Understanding the management role” Work based assignment: By Sian Thompson Word count: 1947 WORK BASED ASSIGNMEMENT:M4.01: UNDERSTANDING THE MANAGEMENT ROLE INTRODUCTION The purpose of this assignment is to show a greater understanding of the role of a middle manager within an organization and the way in which it works. THE ORGANISATION IN RELATION TO ITS PURPOSE AND ITS STAKEHOLDERS Hair @ Hall Garth, is a small hair salon located within a well established country hotel. It has been trading since September 2012 and is gradually becoming a popular salon and building up a regular clientele. Hair @ Hall Garth aims to provide an individual professional service tailored to the client’s needs. To offer…show more content…
Stakeholders A Stakeholder is person group or organisation that has an interest or concern in an organisation. Stakeholders for the salon include; * Our customers * Ray and company and salon services, suppliers of products * The community * Government * Employees and salon owner Different stakeholders have different objectives. The interests of different stakeholder groups can cause conflict. Owners generally seek high profits so may be reluctant to pay high staff wages. A business decision to move production overseas may reduce staff costs. It will therefore benefit owners but work against the interest of existing staff, who may lose their jobs, customer may also suffer if they receive a poorer service. Owners have a say in how the aims of the business are decided but other groups also have an influence over decision making. Customers – Businesses that ignore the concerns of customers may find themselves losing sales to rivals. Within a small business the primary stakeholders are the owner, staff and customers. THE ROLE OF MANAGEMENT IN ACHIEVEING GOALS Middle managers are responsible for carrying out the goals set by top management. They do so by setting goals for their departments and other business units. Middle managers can motivate and assist first-line managers to achieve business objectives. Middle managers may also communicate upward, by offering suggestions and feedback to top managers. Because middle managers are

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