Work Break Down Structure

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[pic] Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Template This Project WBS Template is free for you to copy and use on your project and within your organization. We hope that you find this template useful and welcome your comments. Public distribution of this document is only permitted from the Project Management Docs official website at: Work Breakdown Structure (WBS) Company Name Street Address City, State Zip Code Date Introduction The WBS is a view into the project which shows what work the project encompasses. It is a tool which helps to easily communicate the work and processes involved to execute the project. The Project Manager and project team use the WBS to develop the project…show more content…
| |3 |1.1.3 |Deliverable: Submit Project Charter | |3 |1.1.4 |Project Sponsor Reviews Project Charter | |3 |1.1.5 |Project Charter Signed/Approved | |2 |1.2 |Planning | |3 |1.2.1 |Create Preliminary Scope Statement | |3 |1.2.2 |Determine Project Team | |3 |1.2.3 |Project Team Kickoff Meeting | |3 |1.2.4 |Develop Project Plan | |3 |1.2.5 |Submit Project Plan | |3 |1.2.6 |Milestone: Project Plan Approval |
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