Work Breakdown Structure Of A New Voip Phone System At The Company 's Campus

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WORK BREAKDOWN STRUCTURE CIS 517 IT PROJECT MANAGEMENT DR. ROMY LU STRAYER UNIVERSITY SUNIL PAUDEL 11/06/2015 Summarize the project requirements and other assumptions (e.g., budget, human resources, workload, environmental dependencies, etc.) As the project manager for the IT department, the project of deploying a new VoIP phone system to the company’s campus has been assigned. The campus consists of three different buildings, each with twenty to fifty workstations. The project must be completed in 90 calendar days starting on November 1. Budget The IT department has been given a budget of $25,000 to complete the project. The budget…show more content…
Or in other words, what’s needed to be done in order to get the VoIP systems up and running. Environmental Dependencies VoIP phone system components consist of networks, servers, and phones. Ongoing management and resources are necessary to ensure continued success after initial deployment. Good voice quality places strict requirements on the VoIP network and traffic, in terms of latency, jitter, and number of lost packets. Work breakdown structure (WBS) A work breakdown structure is a key for project deliverable that organizes the team 's work into manageable sections. It defines the scope into manageable chunk that a project team can understand, as each level of the work breakdown structure provides in depth further definition and detail. A complex project is made manageable by first breaking it down into individual components in a hierarchical structure (NetMBA Staff, 2010). Describe the methodology behind constructing a work breakdown structure: Creating a WBS will help the project 's efficiency and effectiveness. To get started, there are several inputs that will be needed. Those inputs include: (a) the project scope statement, (b) the project scope management plan, and (c) organizational process assets (Mathis, 2015). These inputs should give all the information to the team that’s needed to create the WBS. Certain tools should be used in conjunction with these inputs. These

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