Work Effectively in the Community Sector

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CHCCS411A Work effectively in the community sector Assignment 2: Research a sector of the Community Services Industry You need to choose a sector of the Community Services Industry and research the current issues influencing service delivery in that sector and answer the questions below based on your research. A sector could include: * Aged care * Home and community care * Disability services * Alcohol and other drugs * Family and domestic violence * Mental Health * Housing * Community development * Community work * Youth work and juvenile justice * Children’s services * Child protection * Employment services Answer the following questions based on…show more content…
* Training and motivational courses are held on a one to two year basis to keep employees up to date with education requirement. The following questions are about self-reflection. 8. For each of the following, identify 2 strategies you could undertake in regards to your personal communication skills in the workplace. a) To review or reflect on your personal communication skills in the workplace (i.e. review or reflect on how well you use your skills) * These things I have asked work colleagues and one of my supervisors about my personal communication skills in the work place: * Having a non-judgemental attitude is very important in the industry I work. As all people have different options on how they like things being done and as long as the job gets done without any harm to anyone that is fine. * I consider myself to have great communication skills in my work place, I am always understanding of others, I have a positive approach to life. * I understand and am very aware of people’s differences both physically and mentally. * I am good listener I allow people to speak and make eye contact quite regularly so the person I am listening to knows they have my undivided attention. * Also having a desire to really listen to what some one is saying is important so
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