Work Environment Key Behaviors

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Work Environment and Key Behaviors In order for a leader to be successful they will need to be able to promote and sustain a workable environment that will facilitate growth, well-being and support for their staff. Being a nurse is very stressful no matter where in your facility you work. One of the responsibilities of a leader is to find ways to decrease the stress in your facility. One of the ways to help your unit relieve stress is to make sure they are getting their lunches. One of biggest complaints at my facility is that there are times when the nurses do not get their thirty minute uninterrupted lunches. I stress everyday that everyone is to get off the floor for a break, and to push this effort once a month I have a massage therapist come…show more content…
Taking care of your staff, emotional needs, physical needs, and establishing an excellent work environment is imperative to the production of work, and the retention of your staff. Therefore with the participative style of leadership, effective communication is imperative in nursing. Communication whether through emails, meetings, one-on-one, or in a group must be done with respect, directly to the point of what is being said and required along with the awareness of their own feelings and biases so that what is being communicated is acceptable to enhance the workplace and not hinder it (Huber, 2014). One of the ways I communicate is with nursing meetings. In the meetings I usually start with things that are facility wide, then maybe new procedures that is being implemented, and I always end with the nurses bringing in any problems, concerns, needs or wants. The last key element that is important for the leader to be able to have meaningful recognition of their employees. Recognition of employees not only facilitates the wiliness to strive more, but it also reiterates to the staff, that they are appreciated (Huber, 2014). There are several ways to recognize staff; one is
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