Work Environment Paper

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Work Environment Paper
Good communication skills are imperative for organizations to carry out in an attempt to maintain outstanding performance from employees and management. Every workplace is unique in terms of their diversity profile therefore, is it vital for organization to create and execute creative communication methodologies that will enable organizations to develop a community rather than just your average run of the mill work environment. For example, active listening, collective goal setting and consistent training are all examples of tools in which organizations can effectively use to promote and execute effective communication within the workplace. So how well do individuals within an organization communicate with each
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Secondly, building and maintaining effective teams is a time consuming and sensitive process particularly in business. Research shows there are a number of key reasons why team building fails… They include the inability of the team or the organization to establish clear goals… the inability by the team to clearly define its own roles within the team, and poor leadership of the team or the organization (Wildblood, 2005). FACS Group Inc is an organization that is structured on team building and working as a team. For example, the management team or leaders work on three different levels. First, a group of associates are assigned, as a team, to a supervisor. Secondly, each supervisor along with his or her teams is managed under an assigned manager. Lastly, each management team reports to the director of the department. Through this process, effective team building and interpersonal communication, allows FACS Group Inc the opportunity to further develop and become more competitive. In addition, FACS Group Inc collectively intentionally create team-based structures which require individuals to be more adaptable and form or re-form work relationships quickly and smoothly (Prager, 1999).

The methodology of effective team building is best explained through organizational models, communication and result-oriented processes. For example, organizations my chose to use different guidelines in an attempt to
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