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The United States Army has often been described as a highly-complex and interwoven series of commands, both issued and carried out. Machines as complex as our organization, the US Army has a lot of moving parts. If any of these gears fails to perform as they have been designated and entrusted to, the machine begins to break down. Punctuality and accountability are two major ways the US Army and the 10th Combat Support Hospital, in particular, keep those parts moving smoothly and effectively. Without either, the entire system would quickly fall apart, leading to any number of complications that would hinder the unit’s ability to meet its goals quickly, effectively and efficiently. With this essay, I will explain the importance of…show more content…
In our profession, this loss of resources often stems from the inability to follow orders, such as being at the proper place at the proper time and in the proper uniform. Following orders is a soldier 's job. The soldier is not required or expected to understand the reasoning behind said order, nor is the soldier to follow only the orders that are deemed to be important or seem to apply to the mission at hand. It is widely understood that a leader will never have enough hours in the day to accomplish everything needed. Therefore, it should also be understood that a leader may not always have time to fully explain every order given, illustrating to every soldier why the order is being given and what will happen if the order is not followed. A soldier is expected to do what is asked of him/her, in order to preserve the effectiveness of the unit and, ultimately, to achieve victory. It is common for a soldier to question the orders he/she is given. As long as this questioning is done in his own mind only, and while carrying out those others regardless of his feelings about them, there is nothing wrong with a little dissent. When a soldier misses an appointment, or shows up late to a formation, he has failed to follow the orders he was given. This cannot be allowed to become a habit, as the inability to follow orders drags the entire unit down and prevents it from accomplishing the mission. The 10th Combat Support Hospital is a

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