Work Ethics

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Title: A New Work Ethic Dr. Jason Carthen Business Ethic 309 January 29, 2011 A New Work Ethic Business ethic is the study of what constitute right and wrong. Or good and bad, human conduct in a business context. Moral standards are different because they concern behavior that is of serious consequence to human welfare that can profoundly injure or benefit people. The conventional norms against lying, stealing, stealing, and killing deal with action that can hurt people. Morality serves to restrain our purely self-interested desires so we can all live together. People who are exclusively concerned with their own interests tend to have less happy and less satisfying lives than those whose desires extend beyond themselves (Shaw…show more content…
By giving a higher priority to issues of health and safety and to job security generally workers owned enterprises also reduced the degree of worry and anxiety for workers and their families that ordinarily accompany most of the jobs in our society (Ollan 2004). Sheehy’s coworkers rejected the very idea of hard work and long hours, taking shortcuts and not being productive. It is more reasonable in a Capitalist society to be more devoted to our jobs; it is the way that we make our living. To be productive on our jobs means going what we have to with pride. First you put safety first, then quality, and quantity and to go above our duties be polite. You can’t go on a job doing what you want to, be considered of others. In this day and time you will be terminated for poor job performances. 4. Explain the reasoning behind employee theft. Rarely do most employees steal from their employer because of their need. Thefts usually occur because an opportunity to do so has presented itself. It stands to reason that an employee will only steal from their employer if the chances of getting caught are low. There are many reasons why employees steal: * Low morale at the work place. This is also a major reason why businesses suffer from low production. * The employee feels that the business or company has wronged or mistreated them in some way. * The employee feels that they are minimal. The company has
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