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Introduction In the expansion of Acme Home Improvements to Mexico City, an information system management plan needs to be established in order to oversee employment and management, as well as meet the needs of Acme’s stakeholders including employees, customers, suppliers, shareholders and investors. The plan has a goal of improving aspects such as sales and marketing, budgeting, planning, hiring and training all while using technology to assist in the assignment of roles, and to discover correlations between profits, performance, and competitors. System Objectives & Information Requirements of Stakeholders The goals and scope of the Information Systems plan is to identify how the plan will help each stakeholder group obtain the…show more content…
Marketing refers to sales in terms of planning, pricing and promoting goods and services (Baltzan, 2011). The focus of this department is how to supply the consumers with the product at hand, which requires the use of transactional data. In order to make the product accessible to customers, it is essential that the marketing department promotes the service and advertises the AMC store as well as their product (Baltzan, 2011). Marketing is a crucial part of the information system, because the sales affect what the company needs in terms of production and manufacturing. The better the marketing strategy, the higher the sales will be, leading to a greater supply of products in the store. Specific information systems requirements for marketing include developing a business strategy that keeps common goals in mind. These goals typically include: -The development of new products or services -The ability to enter new markets -Working to increase customer loyalty -Working to attract new customers -Working to increase sales and decrease costs (Baltzan, 2011). In order to achieve these goals the Management Information Systems plan works to create a competitive advantage, meaning the product has a benefit that others don’t provide (Baltzan, 2011). For example, a competitive advantage would be paying a lower price for a product that has an additional value.

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