Work Experience : Dills Iga Food City

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Work experience: Dills IGA Food City: Being in a high paced environment was incredibly beneficial to me; it helped me learn to deal with customers efficiently and in a timely manner. With my first job I learned things as: • Customer service • Time management • Money management • Product placement • Importance of attitude • Being on time • Taking responsibility of my actions • Appearance on the job • Uniformity • Formalities at work Small Boutique: This was a trivial job for me, filler really. I always wanted to work in a retail environment so when I came upon the chance, I took it. Although it wasn’t everything it was cracked up to be. I did learn what preparation goes into preparing a store for the day, though; it was a lot more than I considered. From steaming to organizing, it was constantly something to put into tidy arrangements. Piedmont Nissan: Having my first genuine job was a big change for me, coming into an environment with people a lot older than me. It was frightening at first; I was a tad intimidated to be frank. nevertheless I took this opportunity to every advantage I could acquire. I have many responsibilities, those include: • Filing • Answering phones • Managing multiple lines • Taking payments • Refunds • Answering service questions • Estimating wait times • Managing money • Rentals • DMV work • Title work • Organization • Inventory of office supplies • PDIs • Operating credit card machine • One to one program • Voicemail management •

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