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Rosie Mobbs Unit 45 Rob Clegg Unit 45- Independent learning M1- Explain the value of three different resources in the preparation of the complex piece of work. D1- Evaluate the three resources in terms of validity. In this assignment I am going to be talking about a complex piece of work that I have already done for an assignment, and I will be explaining the value of 3 different resources and evaluating the 3 sources in terms of validity. The 3 resources that I am going to be talking about are: the internet, a text book, and NHS facts. I found all of these resources useful in different ways, and also reliable in different ways. I chose these particular resources because I have many opinions about them, some good, some bad. The…show more content…
I knew that the websites were genuine, and that the information in them was correct because the websites that I used were well known, and a lot of my friends use them. For example, I used Bitesize, and Wikipedia. There were a lot more pros than cons to using this source. One of the pros was that it was quick to search up what I needed to know, and it was good because I knew that the information was correct. I knew that the information was correct, because I double checked, by looking it up on another website just to make sure that I was 100% putting correct information. Another good point was that on the bitesize website, it the information was laid out in a formal way, so that I could easily understand what I was reading. Although, one of the cons was that when I was using Wikipedia, some of the information was laid out in huge blocks of writing, so therefor, it was sometimes hard to find the parts of information that I wanted, so obviously, Wikipedia wasn’t as good as bitesize. Another con to this was that because the information was quite hard to understand, I sometimes got really confused and wasn’t sure that what I was writing didn’t make any sense, and that the information could come across incorrect. So overall, this showed me that for me personally, I was only able to use websites that were laid out in a simple form, otherwise I would find the work really hard to complete. The text book The next source that I am going to be talking about is the text

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