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Work File Review: Parenting 1.3 Site 1 Using the article raising your $220,000 baby determine answers to the following. 1. Based on your reading the cost of raising a second child for a Typical income family is $222,360 Lower income family is $411,210 Higher income family is $160,410 2. What are three costs that are left out of the average amount? a. College Student expenses b. Lost incomes of family members c. Personal family expenses (medical bills or private schools etc.) Refer to the How much will your family spend chart to answer the following 3. Rank the categories of expenses from the most costly to least costly. Housing, Care/School, Food, Transportation, Health, Misc., Clothing 4. Analyze which…show more content…
Fence in home pools. Poisoning Keep cleaning supplies in a child proof cabinet Use child-proof caps and keep all medicines out of children’s reach Burns & Fires NEVER leave candles burning in empty room. Keep loose clothing and hair away from stove. Choking Avoid hard candies, nuts and seeds Avoid toys smaller than the child’s hands and keep small objects out of children’s reach such as paper clips, pins, and coins. Firearms Avoid storing guns in the home. If guns are in the home, keep shells/ammunition in a separate area and NEVER have a loaded gun in the home. The firearm information will not be found on the Mayo Clinic web site. The above is a crucial safety method regarding firearms and keeping children safe. (If guns are in the home, keep shells/ammunition in a separate area and NEVER have a loaded gun in the home.) Site 5 Identify the technique in dealing with teens and pre-teens. Pretend you are the parent in these situations. Excessive phone use/bills are brought up during this time. Techniques that should be used are Listening for Feelings and Praise Good Behavior, so that the teen doesn’t feel attacked by parents. I would use “I’ Statements and Reflective Listening when talking to them and finally we would Solve Problems Together and Follow Through With Decisions. Bobby, the oldest son, has kept his room clean for two weeks without being told to pick up. You make a point of pointing this
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