Work For Wildman Wilderness Lodge Ltd, A Small Scale Safari Lodge

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1. Introduction The following report presents activities carried out during the first 100 hours of the placement from a total of 300 hours’ full-time internship. The professional practice started from 21 March 2016 and will be finished on 20 May 2016. The purpose of the professional practice is to gain accounting work experience and impart theoretical knowledge in the practical work in a business environment. The first part of the report shows an overview of the placement organization and its placement plan. As my working location is held at Palmerston Work Injury & GP Clinic, and most part of the professional practice is doing work for Wildman Wilderness Lodge Ltd, I will present the work done for both of the two organizations.…show more content…
In addition, environmentally friendly practice technology has been used in all aspects of the power, and the treatment of water and sewage to reduce the impact on environment. Palmerston Work Injury & GP Clinic is located in the Palmerston Health Precinct, offering a wide range of multidisciplinary, integrated primary care services (Department of Health 2014). Dr. Goodhand is specialising in Work Injury & Pre-Employment Medicals. 3. Job Responsibilities ➢ Operate computer programmed with accounting software to record and analyse data. ➢ Perform general office duties, such as filing, data entry, and handling routine correspondence. ➢ Code documents according to company procedures. ➢ Match accounting software transactions with creditor payment invoices and bank payment advice, and record the necessary information. ➢ Use clinic online system to arrange appointment, update information, invoices and payment from patients. 4. Placement Plan and Targets ➢ Through learning accounting software (Xero and MYOB) to learn more knowledge in relation to the working environment and impart the theoretical knowledge to practical work place. ➢ Improve communication skills and professional interaction ability with managers, colleagues and clients. ➢ Gain a good understanding of customer relationship management. 5. Comments of Professional Practice 5.1 Global Perspectives The global perspective is an understanding of global business and international career
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