Work Horse Of The Vietnam War

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Brock Thoms Professor Doyle History 104 Research Paper June 26, 2017 Work horse of the Vietnam War When thinking about the Vietnam War, one of the first things that comes to mind, for me is seeing clips of helicopters in Vietnam. The helicopter was made in to a pop culture element when thinking about the war. Like in the movie “We Were Soldiers” the glorified usage of helicopters in the battle of La Drang. Many news broadcasters from the time use images and videos of the war. The helicopter played a huge role in the Vietnam war, one that affected how we view war today. The use of large scale helicopters by the United States changed the war not only on the battle field but in transportation, saving lives and keeping the war going. Though…show more content…
The helicopter was a jack of all trades machine. They could easily put down suppressing fire to the enemy. They were also great with transporting troops in and out of the battlefield. This caused the US troops to move at any given time. In a war of search and destroyed, the helicopter can be used as an offensive weapon to attack the enemy or easily put troops in battle to find the enemy. Helicopters were a great usage in the war due to the terrain of Vietnam and Vietnam is filled with jungles, mountains and in the wet season sometimes covered in a foot of water. This made the helicopter very useful in transporting troops. Due to the helicopter multi-uses it would play key roles on the battle field in Vietnam. One key battle that shows usage of helicopters was the battle for Quang Tri City. This battle was a part of the 1968 Tet-Offensive. The Tet Offensive was a surprise attack on key points on the United States in South Vietnam during the Vietnamese holiday Tet. It involved when 2 battalions of People 's Army of Vietnam and 2 Vet Cong battalions attack the East of the city of Quang Tri. The Army of the Republic of Vietnam was able to block them off before the whole city was taken. With ARVN reinforcement’s days away, US Colonel Rattan planned an attack to regain the city. That plan was landing airmobile forces by the enemy rear and communication lines
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