Work Is A Necessary Part Of Society And The Need To Work

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Work is a necessary part of society and the need to work has been in existence since the beginning of time. In the world we live in it is how money is made and how products are manufactured. However, what does it look like when Americans work too much? One piece of evidence presented in an article by Fred E. Stickle points out that the stress that is put on the employee in the workplace can have a dramatic effect on their health and overall wellbeing. This is further addressed in the article “Are Americans working too much?” by Schuyler Velasco and Jacob Turcotte where they explain that, “The standard ’40-hour workweek’ is actually much longer in the United States… Americans work more hours per year than people in many other leading…show more content…
By reducing the number of hours worked, Sweden is setting a positive example for other countries that should follow their lead especially the United States. Employers that have implemented a philosophy of irregular scheduling is also a key player in employee stress rates growing more extensively. According to Danny Vinik, when employers give their employees irregular schedules, it adds to their growing stress rate. When there is a growing stress rate, people are put at a higher risk of stroke, and heart disease which is why several other countries are shortening the work day in addition to the work week. Americans work many more hours per week on average than our counterparts in countries such as Germany, Britain, and Japan according to Schuyler Velasco and Jacob Turcotte. Working more than other countries that are also considered world super powers is a disadvantage to the United States because, while other countries have the mindset of work to live, the United States has the mindset of live to work. This can be crippling to the hard-working men and women that power the United States and has caused an enormous ripple effect on the society of this nation. When considering this approach, it is not surprising to see research that shows that “Nearly 4 in 10 (Americans) work more than 50 hours per week” (Velasco, Turcotte). The fact that 40% of Americans are working a 50-hour work week has
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