Work Life Balance In The Workplace

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As more women enter the workforce and fathers have become more involved in raising their families the need for work life balance has become a necessity in the job force. In terms of the forces that are promoting work-life balance they benefit from flexible work schedules, more time with their families. According to the website there are five benefits for employees of a work life balance, these include, “your health and well being will improve, you will be more productive, you can enjoy work, you have more time for yourself, and you will not miss out on family time” (, 2017). In respect to the forces that resist work-life balance programs Harvey points out that “When work-life balance issues are not addressed there can be organizational costs.” (Harvey & Allard, p. 338). When the programs are implemented in the workplace companies will see “a return investment of 3$ to 4$ in the work house saved, insurance cost, sick leave, decreased absenteeism and fewer on-the job inquiries.” ( Harvey & Allard p. 339). The company becomes more desirable for potential applicants as well as improves the retention rate.
2. As pointed out by Harvey and Allard “Work-life as a diversity issue results from changing gender roles.” (Harvey & Allard, p. 339). However, Men still feel that their roles in the family are to provide. They feel that when it comes to the work life balance there is no flexibility as it is their job to earn the living in the household. As
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