Work Life Balance Of Iron Rolling Workers

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Work Life Balance of Bidi Rolling Women Workers of Belwa , Ramnagar in West Champaran District, Bihar Dr Vinita Verma, Assistant professor, Amity, Patna. Abstract: This article provides an insight on the work life balance of Bihar(India) women bidi rolling workers. It highlights the various values, attitudes and beliefs of women regarding job anxiety in their unorganized work procedure. It particularly highlights the balancing of work and personal life of Bidi rolling women workers. Bidi (a handmade cigarette) manufacturing which is more than a century old. It is stills an unorganized sector in India. Ever since the introduction of tobacco cultivation in India, a sizeable segment of women labor force is engaged in production for consumption of tobacco rolled in the form of bidi. The Indian market of smoking tobacco is dominated by bidis, which outsell cigarettes by 10:1 ratio. Women being the threshold of a family, extend their support in earnings for the mobilization of income for their children’s education and better living. Bidi manufacturing is that sector in which the poor and the oppressed, especially rural women folk are exploited. The majority of women are working about 90-95 hours per week; the only comfort is that women bidi workers enjoy freedom in the work place and also flexible working hours. Bidi rolling reasonably contributes as an income in the interior regions of Belwa, Ramnagar in West Champaran district of Bihar India, where the study was carried out
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