Work Life Balance Of The Restaurant Industry

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Work-life balance is one of the struggles every person faces in their life, especially in the restaurant industry. No matter the circumstances, one is always taking over the other. I have seen this type of struggle first hand while working for the restaurant, Surf Taco over the past decade. This type of balance signifies the point to which an employee balances work time and free time. Since the restaurant industry requires chefs, servers, and mangers to work around grueling hours while maintaining relationships outside of the restaurant, people tend to lose sleep, constantly stress, lose energy levels, and stop caring about the work they once took pleasure in doing. This struggle is not good for restaurant owners either. The consequences to over working your employees without giving them the time they need to enjoy themselves can create employees who are burnout, resent the owner and restaurant, are dissatisfied, and eventually quit. Relationships, schooling, and overall health are three major parts of life that are affected due to an unbalanced work-life routine. As the manager of one of the Surf Taco restaurants, I plan on taking the information from this paper and giving it to the CEO of the corporation because I know this issue has affected him directly in the past. I have noticed that the employees strive to achieve the most they can, but along the way, forget to enjoy their life. The studies shown throughout this paper provide proof that work-life balance is an ongoing

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