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Work-Life Balance… A Case of Social Responsibility or Competitive Advantage? 2002, Inc. Human Resources Dept, Dr. Parsons Georgia Institute of Technology Prepared by: Sunil Joshi, John Leichne, Keith Melanson, Cristina Pruna, Nicolai Sager, Cathi Jo Story, Kevin Williams WORK-LIFE BALANCE 1 INTRODUCTION The role of work has changed throughout the world due to economic conditions and social demands. Originally, work was a matter of necessity and survival. Throughout the years, the role of “work” has evolved and the composition of the workforce has changed. Today, work still is a necessity but it should be a source of personal satisfaction as well. One of the vehicles to help provide attainment of personal…show more content…
I do not see them going away.” In the heart of the Internet bubble, work-life balance programs were an added bonus to attract and retain quality employees. Today, the work-life benefits have switched from company cars, significant bonuses, and other perks to employee fitness centers and dry-cleaning services. Now work-life balance programs are in place as “Recession Perks” according to Challenger Gray and Christmas, Inc.3 Many corporations can no longer afford the monetary compensation they were handing out in the 1990’s. But with layoffs commonplace, these companies are looking to use their inexpensive “Recession Perks” as tools to build loyalty and encourage teamwork and camaraderie with coworkers. Through these benefits, along with the traditional programs such as insurance and retirement plans, managing the remaining workforce after layoffs is vital. When the struggling economy turns around, the remaining employees will be responsible for bringing their respective companies “back to life”, and back to a competitive force. Some of the more prevalent work-life programs listed above are discussed in more details below: Work Hours America currently legally limits non-exempt workers from working more than 40 hours a week without additional compensation. This legislation is a result of some of

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