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This assignment was made to explain and find the truth about the concept of work life balance which is meaningful for the worker. As many researcher and people arguing about this concept, The author comes to the decision which is disagree that work life balance is important for the worker. As a concept, the work life balance can be said has a great effect for the worker, but in real life work life balance was difficult to maintain. Not all worker can contribute their time only for working without having their socializing, and leisure. What more important nowadays is their health/ life. Life was more important than the work. Their life will always bigger than their work, trying to balance them is a failure method no
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Work life balance was about the interaction between paid work and other activities, including the unpaid work in the family, community, and personal development.
Work life balance helps you assess your current balance and provides tools for planning and making at the working place. (Hawks,2008).
Was it true that the work life balance was that important in work?.

Work life balance was not about having one that fit all. Employees of any age and gender might need different understanding and flexibilities when developing a work life balance. In an example when there was a husband and wife at work, who will care for their child? Who will work overtime and deserved a break time?.
Many regard the ways in which paid work could be combined or balanced with other part of life as an individual concern and a small, rather than self indulgent problem in today’s world. (Gambles,R,Lewis.2006). People think that work life balance term was in appropriate at all, they might think that balance didn’t mean equal amount. If there was about to measure about two things and tried to make it balanced, it’ll most likely need to place the different quantities of each item on the respective pans. Others may think that work life balance was already outdated, it was only a concept. Nowadays, they were likely to

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