Work Of Work Life Balance Essay

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Introduction In today’s work arena, work life balance can be defined as the balance between one’s career, and personal development. The key definitions illustrate how efficiently, people can carry on their endeavors, without compromising their work. Work can be taxing at times and, people may engage in their job responsibilities, in such a way that they have little or no time to do non-work activities (Allen, 2015). The notion of work-life balance is gauged through an individual’s investment of time into work-related tasks. In my experience and knowledge, work life balance is measured by how capable one is, in engaging in personal, recreational activities in a manner that do not take away from one’s work productivity, while performing optimally at this job. Identifying the Need Work-life balance is imperative to adhere to for all working professionals to avoid burnout or an induced level of stress. Excessive workloads and the feeling of being burned out can translate in other areas such as one’s overall health. In my experience, I have witnessed several employees request a leave of absence due to an enormous level of pressure they feel always to be “on.” Inefficiency and social forces are direct resultants from a work-life imbalance. In today’s workforce employers have implemented several kinds of flexible working arrangements to counteract the overexertion employees tend to exhibit. Kinds of Flexible Working Type Discussion Flextime Here, workers choose

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