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Page 16:
Vocabulary Practice:
1.a. sidewalks
b. dissatisfied
c. ashamed
d. on an impulse quiting

2. a. respect
b. wandered
c. worthwhile
d. registered.
e. resembled

1.George didn't finish his school. "he had quit high school" ; his mother died " Their mother was dead." His family was poor " his father was poor "
2. George cleaned the house , stayed in his room , listened to the ballgame , read magazines, sometimes an old copy of encyclopedia and from time to time walks around the neighborhood.
3.The story took place in New York.
4. a. He would like to have a girl to go with. b. He would like to have some dough (expenses money)

Page 19 :
Vocabulary Practice :
1.drunk ; 2.hesitated 3. Earnestly 4. Urge 5. Wondered 6.
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Yet hope was given to him from the "change giver" Mr Cattanzara for a better successful future of course after a lot of lies and negative feelings passed thru them. Тhe conflict in the story is about human challenges – overcoming personal problems and the lethargism in the charecters. It's hard for George to overcome those problems but with the help of an old dreamer like himself it's possible. Only thru experience George learned how to surpass his problems as a human being. He had to be at the top of the feelings and be under them again.

4. A.Sophie reacted really happy soft and kindly to that rumour by showing George that she was proud of him.
B. George's father didn't reacted at all he was really neutral with this as he was his whole life, too shy never much of a talker.
C. The neighborhood people were surprised , glad , respectful and kind.
D. George had a little bit of shame emberassment and uncomfortabiltiy in his feelings but he felt good, fine for the time, after that the negative feelings became stronger than the positive and in the end the positive won again .
Used Cause and Effect.
5. A. In part 2 we can infer 2 things about Mr. Cattanzara :1. He shared with the neighbors what George told him and his goal for the summer . 2. He told the neighbors what George said with with a little bit of suspicion and told the neighbors to play along.
B. In part 3 we can infer that : Mr. Cattanzara knew about

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