Work Place Ethical Dilemma

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Over the past decade, the family presence during resuscitation has been an increased controversial issue. Although, there are many professional organizations support the notion of family presence, the controversy still continues. Many family members were asked to leave the bedside of their loved one during resuscitation. Parents are often separated from their kids during medical emergencies. The reason behind this can be the existing fear that the family members may interfere with resuscitation efforts or it will traumatize them psychologically. A moral conflict exists because of the existence of two opposing obligations. The obligation to the family members who wants to be present with their loved ones during medical emergencies…show more content…
The ethical problem of whether to allow the family during medical emergencies occurs because there is not written guidelines in many facilities about how to handle the family members during resuscitation. A written policy can help the health care providers to follow that and allow limited number of immediate family members to stay at the bedside. There should be also a supportive staff member assigned for the family members to explain them about what is being done and what can be the consequences. Health care staff should be educated about the written policies and guidelines on family presence to meet the needs of the patients and families. Education should include possible obstacles to family presence and potential benefits. Presence of combative or emotionally unstable family members should not be allowed during resuscitation. Family members should be able to sense that everything possible was done to revive the patient. Since this ethical issue of allowing family members to stay during resuscitation can cause so many problems between the health care staff and patient’s family, care should be taken to involve the family directly or indirectly during resuscitation. It would be a good idea to talk to family members about their wish to be present or not present during emergencies. If the family members wish to be present, then one or two should be allowed to be present during resuscitation. If the family members do not want to be
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