Work Place Safety Responsibilities

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An organization has work place safety responsibilities to serve to its customers, society and most of all its employees. It should focus firstly however on protecting the nonprofit's most valuable asset, its employees. One relationship between management and employee safety is preventing before the cause, which is protecting workers in the event that an accident should occur. By preventing accidents it reduces money being paid out by the organization to health insurance benefits, workers' compensation benefits and the cost of wages to employ a temporary worker to fill an injured worker space, stress on an employee who have to help out for an absent employee. Responsibility of safety lies both in an employer and employees hands. Managers have the obligation to ensure a safe work environment and work gears are available if needed for employees. To ensure safety is accomplished in the organization, managers and executives must firstly recognize that hazards and potential risks are present. The leading causes of work injury are overexertion, impact accidents, falls, bodily reaction, compression, motor vehicle accidents, exposure to radiation or caustics, rubbing or abrasions, and exposure to extreme temperatures (Goetsch D. 2011). It is then important that managers are educated about the theories of accident causation, so as to prevent accidents from occurring or even reoccurring. Heinrich’s Domino Theory outlining five factors in the sequence of events leading up to an
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