Work Place Violence

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Business Assets Protection April 4, 2014 Week 3 Violence in the workplace continues to be a major concern and recently the concern has been growing by situations that have taken place. An assault, or threat of an assault, directed toward a worker on duty falls under the category of workplace violence. There are a lot of issues that can cause workplace violence. Stress, economic hardship and the inability to control anger are all some issues that can lead to health and safety issues. OSHA, as well as state and government agencies give practical guidelines to establish safe working environments, the role of a manager is very important in aiding in the prevention of workplace violence. Manager/supervisors responsibilities…show more content…
The first step would be for a team to be established to help with the design of the physical protection system. The team could include individuals from security, senior management, human resources, finance, fire, safety, and legal to name a few. Having multiple individuals involved gives multiple minds of different information that can be helpful. Identify the objectives of the PPS and then work off of that to establish how to meet those objectives. Establishing multiple layers of security is needed in a PPC. As many deterrence’s as possible so that individuals would know that they wouldn’t be effective. Of course being able to identify an issue as far away from the asset is important. As an example a facility that has cameras at the doors, security guards, name tags for all employees, and scan cards to enter certain areas has multiple layers of deterrent. Ideally an individual would not make it close to the asset without being identified. The primary functions of a PPS are detection of the adversary, delay of the adversary, and response of security personnel. A manager would have to fully understand the PPS so that they would be able to help. They would also need to train the employees on what to do in the situation of a work place violence issue. All employees need to understand the proper procedures so that they are not interfering with security responding or jeopardizing their own
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