Work Related Injury Among Sonographers

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Work-related injuries among sonographers is a very common occurrence. In fact, by 2008 90% of North American sonographers reported an incidence of a musculoskeletal injury (Coffin, 2014). Carolyn T. Coffin’s journal article entitled “Work-related musculoskeletal disorders in sonographers: a review of causes and types of injury and best practices for reducing injury risk” was obtained online and educates sonographers of the many different injuries that could occur on the job and how to prevent them. Coffin’s article will be summarized in this paper, and I will explain how I, as the student sonographer, will apply the information to my future career. Sonographers are at risk of work-related musculoskeletal disorders (WRMSDs) every time they perform an exam. Repetitive motions, forceful or awkward movements, duration of pressure, poor…show more content…
I will be sure to position my patients as close to my scanning arm as possible, and move the patient accordingly so that the abduction of my scanning arm isn’t more than 30 degrees if possible. I will also be sure to adjust my grip on the transducer so that I am using my entire hand instead of pinch gripping with just my fingertips. Coffin also expressed the importance of breaks between scans which I think is one of the most important points and will try to implement those breaks so that my muscles have plenty of time to relax. The most influential tip Coffin brought up however, was to avoid static postures. I will do my best to use movement throughout my exams so that I’m not in the same position for too long. After reading this article I know what I need to do to prevent WRMSDs and what might happen if I don’t use proper ergonomics while working. Nevertheless, I am excited about my future as a sonographer and will take all the suggested preventative measures so that I have a long and healthy
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