Work Related Injury: Medical Report

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DOI: 12/18/2015. The patient is a 60-year-old male quality control manager who sustained a work-related injury when he fell from a 6-feet scaffold when he stepped on an unsecured board. Patient underwent open reduction and internal fixation on 1/8/2016.
Per the medical report dated 02/24/16, the patient had some left knee pain and swelling. On examination, there was some mild swelling along the anterior proximal tibia. He can flex to about 110 degrees and extend to 10 degrees. Of note, X-rays demonstrated plateau fracture fixed with plate and screws in good alignment with early callus. Medications include amlodipine; cefadroxil; diazepam; meloxicam; oxycodone/acetaminophen; rivaroxaban; and sertraline. Diagnoses include status post open reduction
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